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I have struggled with finding a great optical retailer in the UAE but that is over now. A friend of mine suggested that I visit Magrabi Optical because they had such a great experience there. I decided to give it a try and I am so glad that I did. I loved the customer service, the selection of frames and the warranty.

The staff greeted me warmly when I walked into Magrabi Optical in the UAE. They were quick to ask me how they could help me and I could immediately tell that they enjoyed their jobs and wanted to make sure I would be happy when I left. I told them I already had a prescription and just wanted to get a new pair of frames and lenses. They took me over to the area where the frames were displayed and went through some of my options.

They asked me what I was looking to spend and what sort of frames and lens options I was interested in purchasing. They used this information to show me some frames and lenses that would be good option for what I wanted and what I could afford. Then they let me look through the huge selection of frames and try on as many as I wanted. They never made me feel rushed or tried to steer me towards frames and lens options that were more expensive than I could afford. The experience with the staff as better than I have had at any other optical retailer in the UAE.

It was difficult to choose but with the huge selection of frames to choose from at Magrabi Optical in the UAE I found a great pair of glasses that I loved and that I could afford. I got the lens options that I wanted and they were very affordable. This was very exciting and then I got even more exciting news. The staff told me about the warranty on their products and I knew I would not have to worry about my frames or my lenses if they got damaged. The warranty at Magrabi Optical covers the frames and the lenses fully so my investment is going to last a long time.

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